Fixing all your electrical needs for over 30 years


We can fix anything! From a simple light bulb, wiring new commercial buildings, to pool and spa motor repair, let Sherrill Company be your electrician.



Sherrill Company, LLC has spent the past 30 years analyzing electrical companies. Noting the strong and weak points of these establishments, we are working to create a company that will be one of the finest in Georgia. Our slogan, "You Can Depend On Us" says a lot about what we're trying to do here at the Sherrill Company, LLC.

Sherrill Company, LLC strives for quality, and old style caring. We feel quality growth, quality work, in quality customers will cut the losses for our customers. Often patrons of other companies end up having to foot the bill; not only in cost, but in quality. "Thanks for a job well done" is our greatest gratification.

Sherrill Company, LLC offers a complete gamut of services in residential and commercial fields of electrical contracting; from replacing a light bulb, to wiring your commercial office, to pool and spa motor repair! Tom Sherrill and Sherrill Company, LLC strive for the best at the best price; whether it be work or just advice. We are willing to offer an out-stretched hand at anytime, willing to offer help in any way possible. We want to be more than just a company of buildings, employees, trucks and empty promises. We want to be your dependable friend.



Changing a simple light?


Replacing a simple bulb or installing new lighting in your home, office, or any where/space, is no problem for Sherrill Co.

Need a motor fixed?


If you have any pool or spa motors not working we can fix those too!

Wiring a new or old building?


Yep, we can do that too! If you have any wiring needs, let us help you get it done right and at a low cost.










The sherrill co vans.

Sherrill co

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You can depend on us!

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4754 Miller Rd,

Columbus, GA


Tel: 706-569-7518

For emergency call: 706-566-3994

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